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From Our Students

In our opinion she (Aida Perez) is an excellent teacher.

She is prompt, professional, and well organized. She is well liked by students and teachers. She taught 
general interest Adult Group Spanish classes for a variety of levels: Beginner’s, Intermediate and 
Advanced, which require the teacher to be creative and effective at the same time.
Barlovento School of Spanish, Toronto (2002- 2006)


It is a pleasure to write this letter of reference/ recommendation to Aida Perez. I have had the 
opportunity to know and be a student of Aida Perez for over a year now. She has been exceptional 
language teacher for my skills. Aida is amazing at what she does. She is trying new ideas in the 
classroom that keeps me interested and engaged. Her lessons are interested every time, and she is able 
to adapt to my level of learning. Aida has used effective strategies to suit my learning style and my 
busy schedule.
She goes above and beyond to help and encourage me to be engaged and successful by adapting her 
time to my schedule, as curriculum to my learning and interest.
She is willing to put in the extra effort and time that is needed in her profession to attain the student 
achievement required….

Kerem, General Manager (2014-present)


Aida is an exceptional teacher!  Her friendly, patient and easy-going manner really dissipates the anxiety 
that students often feel when attempting to learn a new language, particularly when it comes to 
speaking.  She puts a lot of effort into creating interesting, hands-on lessons (such as cooking classes 
in Spanish!) that allow us to practice using the language in real contexts.  She also organizes free 
events for all of her students, such as movie nights or BBQ's, that provide us with the opportunity to 
mingle and practice our Spanish with other students.  I have been learning Spanish with Aida for 2.5 
years now and I'm so glad I chose her over other options.  Aside from a big improvement in my Spanish 
skills, I feel like I've truly made some amazing friends in the process (including Aida!).  

Elisa Chiovetti, 2014- present


"When I needed to improve my Spanish, I got help from Aída Pérez. She is an excellent teacher, and 
tailored the program to my needs. I met my goals and had lots of fun on the way. I recommend Aida's 
program very highly." 

Lisa Garber, Shelburne ON, High School Spanish Teacher

Dear Aida,

This note serves as a letter of recommendation and acknowledgement to the quality of services you 
have been providing to us since 2014. We were seeking an organization that could meet our written and 
oral Spanish language communication skills development needs. The value we have received from your 
program has exceeded our expectations.

The quality of your educators, classes, lessons and activities are exceptional. The professionalism and 
care that your organization provides to us is second-to-none. The tools and strategies you have 
provided to us support continuous learning and growth. And most importantly, the program you have 
tailored for our needs has allowed us to demonstrate measurable results in our own skills development.

We look forward to a continued, long-term partnership with Professional Spanish Learning.

Estamos muy satisfechos!

Isa - Executive Vice President, Client Services. IT- 2014- present


I feel very lucky to have Aida as my Spanish teacher. Before I started learning with Aida, I tried learning 
Spanish in a school classroom. It was dry and text book focused.
Aida creates a comfortable learning environment with a focus on learning through conversation, which is 
much more enjoyable and interactive. She is always positive and encouraging.

I'm amazed that I can now have conversations with Spanish speakers who don't speak any English. I 
have had fantastic experiences traveling in Spanish speaking countries, that I could never have had just 
speaking English.

Learning Spanish with Aida continues to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Chris May 2014- present

It has been a great pleasure and experience to have Aida as my teacher.
I came to Aida with no knowledge of Spanish and with her help in the course of 9 months was able to 
progress to an intermediate level.

She creates a very good environment and uses a variety of techniques:  visual, audio and play.  She 
puts the stress on conversational skills, which I think are the most important part of learning a language.
She stimulates you and forces you to be creative.  With her learning is fun.
I would recommend Aida a teacher to anyone who wishes to learn Spanish fast and in a non-stressful 

Dorota 2011-2012


My Spanish learning experience with "Professional Spanish Learning" was lots of fun.
I took private business conversation and normal conversation classes.
The program was designed according to my needs and schedule.   
I really appreciate such flexibility due to my busy schedule as a working mom.
The class incorporated various learning material ranging from grammar book to latest movies.   
I simply enjoyed my learning process that "Professional Spanish Learning" has provided me   
and my motivation for Spanish learning has significantly increased.
I would recommend "Professional Spanish Learning" for anyone who wishes to learn Spanish
in a fun and enjoyable way!

Mayumi, Auto Industry 2011 - present

I would highly recommend Aida as a Spanish language instructor. I had the pleasure of taking some Spanish beginner classes at Aida’s location. Aida spares no effort to help her students learn the language. Not only is she extremely competent and organized she has a warm personality. Aida would be an asset to any organization looking for an intelligent and capable Spanish language teacher.  

Lisa Lobsinger French Instructor 2014


My classes with you have been a wonderful experience.
I learned a ton, and the classes helped me start actively using Spanish in Cuba and here.
muchas gracias!

Jack, Realtor 2010 -  2012


We have enjoyed her as a teacher and learning Spanish.
Myself and my grandson, who is 8, started taking Spanish last September 2012 with Aida.
My grandson wanted to try something different, and I hoped it would help me when I went on my 
yearly vacation to Mexico.
We are going to continue because it is a lot of fun.
Ted & Mason McGuire

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